An addicting collectible card game


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Ironbound is an interesting collectible card game that's very similar to other classics of its genre such as 'Hearthstone', 'Magic: The Gathering' or 'Slay de Spire' and includes a really interesting premise: the rounds simulate a one on one battle between two amazing warriors.

Gameplay in Ironbound is practically the same as 'Hearthstone': when you start each round you'll generate a new mana crystal that'll limit the number of actions that you can perform during your turn. Using the skill tokens that you set up in your deck of cards can help you increase the amount of damage you inflict on your enemies or dodge their attacks. Your mission is to reduce your opponent's life points to zero before they decrease yours.

The main difference between Ironbound and other similar games is that it adds certain RPG aspects that fit perfectly with the aesthetics, the ambiance, and the gameplay. For example, you can level up of each of your four characters. For every level that you win, your statistics will increase and unlock a new team that you can use to face your enemies. Keep in mind that preparing for the combat is half the battle and customizing your character is as important as it is fun.

Ironbound offers an incredibly fun experience and the best part is that it is super accessible to any free play user.
By Beatriz