Invictus Heroes


Combat evil with the power of Invictus


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Invictus Heroes is a turn-based RPG where you're submerged into a world of medieval fantasy where the forces of good and evil are set to face off in battle. You'll have to fight against the forces of light in order vanquish the forces of darkness that plague the world.

Action in Invictus Heroes centrally develops around turn-based combat. Each level within the game has you facing off against a maximum of five enemies that have to beat your heroes. Using their strength and special attack skills is how you'll be able to level your characters up. Then again, you could also opt to use amulets to strengthen them up quicker.

Each of the heroes you have at hand has a determined class, which means that it'll be essential for you to know which of them is best for different types of battle. One of the oddities in Invictus Heroes is that it uses two lines of combat, from behind a line of characters with long distance weapons. You'll have to open up the first line of defense in order to get to the ones behind it, unless you deploy your special attack skills.

Invictus Heroes is a very fun RPG with a huge variety of enemies to battle. You'll recruit more and more heroes as you level up and face off against other players worldwide in any of the multiple modes available worldwide.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.4 or higher required.

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