Duel: Puzzle Wars


Strategic puzzle battles


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Duel: Puzzle Wars is a game that combines puzzles, strategy and role play in a way that's very similar to the iconic Puzzle Quest, but controlling a group of up to five players. Your objective in each level of the game is to get rid of your opponents before they get rid of you.

Gameplay in Duel: Puzzle Wars is simple: during your turn, you'll have to move colorful gems in order to match them to at least three similar ones. Each one of your heroes will be linked to a color, so the more same-colored gems you can link together, the more damage you'll inflict with your attacks. Also, when you match a ton of gems together, you can activate your special skills.

In Duel: Puzzle Wars you can collect tons of dozens of different heroes. Each one of the characters of the games includes their own life and attack point features, as well as their unique skills. Of course, as you win combats, you'll earn certain cards that you can use to increase your hero's level.

Duel: Puzzle Wars is a super entertaining game that offers a similar gaming experience to that of Puzzle Quest or other similar games, but with a little more depth. The game also has really good visuals.

Android 5.0 or greater is required.